Energy Saving

Helping You to Save Energy - & to Save Money!

The really good news is that you can make a difference !

There are three areas to attack:

  • Adding insulation
  • Reducing Temperature
  • Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Buildings lose heat. They lose through:

  • Roof/Loft Space (around a quarter 25%)
  • Walls (around a third 33% )
  • Windows (around a fifth 20%)
  • Doors and Floorboards (drafts)
  • Insulating the loft

The area with the biggest financial payback and also something which the Government is targeting with various grants and subsidies. The recommended level of insulation is around 270mm (almost a foot in old money). Subsidised installation packages using professional installers may be offered by your local electricity company or by some of the national diy chains (eg B & Q).
Remember that an insulated loft is a cold loft so water pipes and tanks will need to be treated.

Insulating Walls

This is a specialist area. In houses with cavity walls insulating material may be blown into the walls. With solid walls it is possible to use cladding and insulation. Householders need to be aware of potential damp problems and should take professional advice before proceeding. Again subsidised installation packages using professional installers may be offered by your local electricity company or by some of the national diy chains (eg B & Q).

Double Glazing

The most effective methods use replacement sealed units other options include secondary double glazing and the cheaper route of using simple plastic film on a diy basis. Double glazing can take time to pay for itself but makes sense if existing windows need to be replaced.

Draught Proofing

Homes need some air circulation draught proofing is about reducing major air currents. Look at areas around doors and skirting boards.

Other tips

  • Heavy curtains with thermal linings
  • Closing doors and windows
  • Reducing Temperature

The simple rule of thumb is that lowering the thermostat temperature by 1 degree will reduce your heating usage by up to 10%. So if you come home from an overheated office used to being in shirtsleeves its about putting on another layer of clothing.

Room Thermostats and Timers

You may be able to keep certain rooms at a lower temperature or even not heat them at all. Make sure the heating goes off around half an hour before going to bed. Ask your heating engineer about a timer which will allow different temperatures at different times of the day.

Other tips

Showers use less water than baths so you can make a double saving if your water is metered

Fuel Efficiency

Make sure your Boiler, Aga or other heating equipment is regularly serviced by a qualified technician. For more information and to find a registered technician -

Consider switching to a Condensing Boiler. This can reduce your heating costs by over 20% and also help reduce CO2 emissions.

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