This page contains easy to follow infographs which give information about the subject matter in a pictorial based style. We are constantly adding to the subjects so keep checking back to see if there is anything you may find interesting and relevant top your needs.

Heating oil - From the ground to your doorHeating oil - From the ground to your door

This info graph shows the process of how crude oil is processed from the ground, refined into kerosene heating oil and then delivered by WCF Fuels North West to your door. 

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Heating Oil Tank Checkpoints5 Point heating oil tank checklist

How often do you check your tank? This info graph gives you 5 easy check points to make sure that your heating oil tank is in tip top condition and safe. 

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diesel bug, what exactly is it?What exactly is "Diesel Bug"?

Diesel bug or Fuel virus can affect anybody's fuel supply, especially red diesel supplies. This infograph highlights the facts about the cause and what to do to prevent or cure the issue. 

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Meet your driverMeet your Driver

This quick infograph gives you the facts about what our drivers do to ensure you receive the quick and efficient service we are so proud of.

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Tank Security

Heating oil is a high value commodity, this infograph gives some great hints & tips to help you ensure your tank is secure as possible and reduce the risk of theft.

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Agamax - A specialist fuel additive designed to improve the 'burn quality' of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised.
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Keromax - A premium heating oil designed to lower carbon build-up; stabilizes fuel; inhibits sludge formation; keeps fuel fresher for longer; reduces service problems and improves system efficiency, Lowering fuel consumption.
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