How Diesel Defender helps protect you from fuel theft

Protect Your White Diesel From Theft

Discover how using Diesel Defender can help protect your white diesel from being stolen

What is Diesel Defender?  

There are billions of litres of fuel stored all over the UK which total to a value of millions of pounds, which therefore makes it extremely vulnerable to theft. No matter where the fuel is stored, it doesn’t mean it cannot or will not be stolen. Diesel Defender is Exocet’s latest product, and it is a liquid blue dye which colours the white diesel green which acts as a deterrent to thieves. This dye will make the fuel personalised and easily identifiable. All white diesel looks the same unless action is taken!

What are the features and benefits of Diesel Defender? 

Diesel Defender is usually recommended to use in white diesel for use in construction equipment, rail transport, forklifts etc and heating for commercial premises to deter the theft of the fuel and prevent significant financial loss.  Diesel Defender is notified with HMRC and does not cause any changes to the fuel other than the colour and comes in minimum size of 200ml which treats 2000 litres of fuel at once.

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